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September 13, 2021

Telling the Rotary Story

Guest Speaker Dave King, in an excellent and well received address highlighted the vital importance of telling Rotary’s story post Covid-19 and the significance of public image in increasing Rotary’s profile and attracting new members. He pointed out that the Rotary Magazine, first printed in 1915, is the oldest regional magazine in the world. However, today there 30 Regional Magazines servicing 130 countries in 20 languages covering many of the big issues of today. He noted that the magazine demonstrates what Rotary is doing across several layers and that there will be a nationwide Read it and Leave it Campaign asking…
July 24, 2021

110 Years

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July 24, 2021

110 Years

  The Club proudly celebratesthe 110th anniversary of the first meetingheld on 24 July 1911      
July 22, 2021

Farewell Leena

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July 22, 2021

Farewell Leena

Before returning to the USA, 2021 Global Scholar Leena Hornlein exchanged banners with Immediate Past President Karen Blair. Leena, who has been hosted by the Club during the last year, presented the banner from her sponsor Club the Rotary Club of Gilbert, a town in Maricopa County Arizona.  Although having to study from her Gilbert home for most of the year, she was a regular attendee at Club zoom meetings and the Club is very grateful for her input in preparations for this year’s online TABU Programme. We wish her well in her future career.      
July 04, 2021

Thank You Day

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July 04, 2021

Thank You Day

  The Rotary Club of Belfast supportThank You Sunday in thanking all those who have helped usthrough the pandemic
July 01, 2021

Another Year of Service

The Club is delighted that President Ken has agreed to serve as President of The Rotary Club of Belfast for a 2nd year. We wish him another successful year as the Club continues its service projects where it can make a difference in communities and to the people who live in them.  
July 01, 2021

Serve to Change Lives

Today marks the start of the new Rotary year! The last 12 months have thrown up so many challenges for everybody but the Rotary Club of Belfast is looking forward over the next year to serving our local communities and reaching out to those across the world to help change lives.
June 29, 2021

7th Area of Focus for Rotary

The Club is delighted to introduce Supporting the Environment as a new area of activity for the Club from this year   Rotary International have introduced Supporting the Environment as the 7th Area of Focus providing Rotarians joining: peacebuilding and conflict prevention; disease prevention and treatment; water, sanitation, and hygiene; maternal and child health; basic education and literacy and community economic development  These causes encompass some of the world’s most critical humanitarian needs and provide an opportunity for Rotary members to transform the world through volunteering and service projects. Further details here.
June 21, 2021

Opportunities and Empowering Youth

Guest speakers John Rea and William Redpath (who are the Club’s latest members) in a very well received and appreciated address to the Club Monday 21 June spoke about themselves and the links between their organisations, the Junior Chamber Belfast and YouthAction NI respectively, and the Club. It’s all about opportunitiesJohn Rea thanked for the opportunity to address the Club and for being invited to become a member. He pointed out that the Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global, not-for-profit organisation for 18 to 40 year olds, run by its members of which there are 200,000 worldwide. Its raison d’etre…

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T1920 tspPlease explore it and get a flavour of how volunteer Rotarians, by being People of Action, use their skills and vocations throughout our various projects to Make a Difference to people less fortunate than ourselves at home and abroad and the fun and fellowship we enjoy being members of the family of Rotary. 


The Rotary Club of Belfast is a vibrant club, welcoming and friendly
and we welcome visitors from the World of Rotary at any time.


To visit please contact the Club in advance here.




It is a great honour for me to be again taking on the role of President for the Rotary year 2021/22.

Being a Club based in Belfast city centre enables us to connect with the local Community, through service with YouthAction, Mitchell House and the Tree of Remembrance and we also support key efforts to end Homelessness. Worldwide we support the fight to ‘End Polio Now’ and help some of the world’s poorest people work their own way out of poverty with dignity by investment in small business via the Lendwithcare scheme in many countries including Ecuador, Malawi and Cambodia.

We recognise the tremendous amount of service already given by members but are looking forward to encouraging new members to join. Any prospective member is most welcome at any of our Monday meetings.

This year’s Rotary theme is Serve to Change Lives
and we hope that you will help us to expand our service.

Ken Nixon, President 2021/22

Join Us

Membership of the Club is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience and we are actively looking for new people to invite to join and breathe new vibrancy and ideas into the Club and take Rotary into its second century in Belfast.

If you think Rotary may be for you, or for further information, please contact us.

Getting involved with Rotary could be the most important thing you ever do.

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