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GordonMcInally1Past Rotary International Director Gordon McInally at the Club meeting 21 September considered what the role of Rotary is during this Covid crisis and what it will be when we come through it. He noted there is little doubt we are in challenging times and though things will never be the same again a lot of positives can, and must, be taken out of the current situation. In particular it allows us to take stock and consider our own place in society, how we operate in Rotary at every level locally to internationally and local support to each other and the community is what Rotary is about.

He highlighted Rotary has always built back better after worldwide crises, having grown after other pandemics and the two world wars and maintained that Rotary seized the opportunity then and we all must now seize the opportunity of "this new normal” and urged the Club to capitalise on an amazing opportunity, Clubs must not only be rightly proud of their history but also must welcome change for the better of the Club embracing new models for a new demographic.

Thanking for all the Club has done and will do for Rotary and for the opportunity of being at the meeting he concluded by quoting Robert Kennedy (1966) "We live in interesting times" asserting they are also very exciting and that we cannot afford to go back - we need to build back better.

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