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Rotary Ireland District Governor Visit

DG Connie 14.12.20In a lively and enthusiastic address to the Club 14 December Rotary Ireland District Governor Connie Oversen congratulated the Club on adapting to the current situation especially being able to get projects done. She stressed that the current situation did have a silver lining with Clubs being forced to do things online, not being able to do things as tradition has decreed, and that it will inevitably lead to positive change.

DG Connie highlighted several District supported projects and brought greetings from Rotary International President Holder Knack who had 4 messages:

  • building membership is a No. 1 priority but remember there is never a wrong age to join Rotary and not to only target young members!
  • consider the local community and make sure the Club’s Diversity and Inclusivity reflects it
  • the importance of Rotaract – Rotaractors can be Rotarians now and although categorised as for 18-30 year olds 30 should not be a top age; also, consider calling them a ‘group’ as the word ‘Club’ is not often liked by that age group and work with them treating them as a Junior Club to grow as well as perhaps creating community Rotaract groups not solely connected to Universities
  • although they were not thought of as such, last and this year’s Themes Rotary Connects the World and Rotary Opens Opportunities are perfect for the current situation as we have opportunities galore

DG Connie urged members to register for the free 1 day Virtual District Conference Saturday 06 March 2021 which will feature speakers, entertainment and a showcase of Rotary in Ireland concluding with a swing dance and a Viking cocktail created by herself. She stressed that the Conference would be as close as possible to a live event and was open to non-Rotarians. President Ken thanked DG Connie for her inspirational talk.

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