Telling the Rotary Story

IMG 0211Guest Speaker Dave King, in an excellent and well received address highlighted the vital importance of telling Rotary’s story post Covid-19 and the significance of public image in increasing Rotary’s profile and attracting new members. He pointed out that the Rotary Magazine, first printed in 1915, is the oldest regional magazine in the world.

IMG 0181However, today there 30 Regional Magazines servicing 130 countries in 20 languages covering many of the big issues of today. He noted that the magazine demonstrates what Rotary is doing across several layers and that there will be a nationwide Read it and Leave it Campaign asking members to read an edition and then leave it in a coffee shop, doctor’s surgery, local businesses or pass on to business colleagues, friends etc.

IMG 0205He pointed out that now is a very important moment as Covid has resulted in a positive appetite to volunteer and it was vital that Rotarians innovate and have a strong public image telling the Rotary story to tap into this source of new membership posing the thought imagine if Rotary could attract even 1% of the 12.4m people who volunteered during Covid. He concluded with Captain Tom’s words in an interview with him: “always consider the future is going to be better” it always will.