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Club Assembly 2018

Assembly Presentation 18Assembly Presentation 18.2President Elect Mark Davidson at the meeting held Monday 04 June led the presentation of the Service Programmes for the 2018-19 year. He highlighted the 2 women and 1 man who will be leading the way for Rotary across the world: RI President Barrie Rassin whose theme will be “Be the Inspiration", RIBI President Debbie Hodge and Rotary Ireland District Governor Monica Robertson.

AssemblyAudienceHe introduced the Club Executive: PE Karen Blair, VP Ken Nixon, IPP Rosemary Simpson, Hon. Secretary Lorna Magill and Hon. Treasurer David Warnock, Council members: Derek Baxter, David Boyd, Brian Clements, Philip Donnan, Doris Houston, Ronnie McLean and Alan Rundle and Service ChairsDavid Boyd, PP Maurice Brooks, Tim Browne, William Cross, Doris Houston Adrian Kerr and Eric Rainey.

WilliamCrossCommunity & Vocational – William Cross indicated, that although he had not yet had a Committee meeting, he proposed ongoing support for Mitchell House - highlighting the upcoming Kids out Day and Christmas Party, he hoped that the Tree of Remembrance this Christmas, at a location to be decided, could be extended and advised he would continue with the Supermarket Collection at Tesco Newtownbreda and wished to further support The Silver Line. He highlighted that the timing for the Kids Out Day, Tuesday 11 June had changed to 10.30am - see note above.

SecretarysAnnouncementsInternational – in PP Adrian Kerr’s absence, Hon. Secretary Crawford McIlveen advised that PP Adrian wished to continue fundraising for ShelterBox and End Polio Now, support further entrepreneurs under the lendwithcare scheme, and encourage members to continue and expand Belfast as a welcoming Club. He will look actively at doing things differently and at potential new projects which are being promoted at District level and beyond, such as Clean Water, Saving Mothers and Children and Supporting Education. He also urged members to build connections within their community of friends, work colleagues and other voluntary organisations which they support, to make them aware of our work in these areas and in Rotary generally.

PPMauriceMembership – PP Maurice Brooks reflected that having almost achieved the ‘members own’ Visioning target of 70 members in year 1 (with 69) the Club had had a net loss of 4 members during the year and highlighted the new Ulster Bank and BDO Corporate members. He emphasised that diversity was essential and indicated the 7 steps that must be taken to attract new members – identify, introduce, invite, induct, inform and orient, involve and educate. He stressed that retaining existing members was also vital, as was the need to promote and communicate the Club’s values and benefits to prospective members; live up to what we promise and promote and ensure Club meetings live up to set expectations. Highlighting a target of a net gain of 7, he emphasised that membership is “Up to You!” all members have a role to be welcoming and friendly and suggested that new members could look for 2-3 in their peer group to invite.

TimBrowneThe Rotary Foundation - Tim Browne highlighted his aim to increase Sustaining Membership in the Club and advised that he would be following up on other programmes.

EricRaineyYouth Service - Eric Rainey highlighted the active and successful relationship with YouthAction and the GET SET Programme particularly thanking those who have participated and noted that YouthAction were extremely grateful to the members for their mentoring of the young people, and support with interview skills and CV writing. He particularly hoped to set up a similar relationship with Extern through former FASA staff member Chris Deconick. He also noted the Club would be supporting again the District Youth Leadership and other Rotary Competitions and would provide support to PP David Boyd with the incoming TABU visit. He asked if members would identify a “worthy project” for the  2019 John Savage Award and was delighted at the prospect of an Interact Club being formed.

InteractClubInteract Club - PP Alan Rundle noted that the TABU students had been energised by the Interact Clubs operating in the 2 schools they had visited in Chicago pointing out that the Highland Park High School Interact Club had 75 members and a waiting list! and that they had a great interaction with Rotary. He advised that the students had brought the idea forward and he was looking into it. It is expected to hold 2 meetings a month (1 business and 1 social) at YouthAction and take part in 2 projects over the year - 1 community based and 1 international.

TABUCommsTABU - PP David Boyd reported that it is anticipated that the 2019 incoming team from Highland Park/Highwood Club would take place around the last week of March 2019. He advised that in September he would be getting a team together to discuss the programme and advised that anyone interested in taking part would be very welcome.

Communications – PP David Boyd noted that the team continue to furnish the Weekly Report, website and Facebook page and urged members to always “think communications” at events urging members to ensure that photographs are taken (even by mobile phone but sent Actual Size!) and a short report made either in a note (bullet points are acceptable) or verbal form. He advised that the Club would be GDPR compliant - a Privacy Notice would be agreed at Council and put on the website and that, as it was very helpful to members, a members’ list would still be produced in hard copy and on the secure area of the website. He pointed out that he would like to get members’ acceptance of the data held by the Club and asked all to sign up. He stressed that partner’s acceptance is also being sought.


Social – As Doris Houston was unable to attend due to a family bereavement in England President Rosemary highlighted the first social event planned - a long (or short) Gobbins Cliff Path walk; she also noted that Doris was considering small fellowship get- togethers. She asked for suggestions for possible events and urged members to support them.


PE Presents AssemblyPE Mark thanked all for their presentations and noted that he was always about to help. He concluded by showing the  short video (right) of Rotary International President Elect  Barrie Rassin introducing his theme.    

ADG Roland Bailie offered greetings from DG Garth Arnold and was very complimentary on the excellence of the Assembly presentation of current plans. He commended other District programmes for the Club’s consideration such as: Know your Blood Pressure; Just 1 Life; Peace Project; Fighting Words; supporting the homeless; School Bikes Refurbishment; Right to Sight; H20 Projects in Africa; Lifeline Radios and Jaipur Limb (which are now fitting hands); Rota Kids (for Primary School children), and the Youth Competitions, Camps and Tours. He stressed the need to retain members, appointing a mentor to new members and encouraging them to get involved. He highly recommended the holding of a “walk in” networking event to promote the Club and what Rotary is and does. He urged all members to sign up for Rotary Foundation Sustaining Membership noting that the Gates Foundation still matched funds 2 to 1 and encouraged attendance at the 3 Rotary Conferences (see below). He concluded by urging the Club to ensure the database is up to date at end June and, offering his support, wished the Club well.

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