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Youth Leadership Competition 2018 Report

Chris Olivia Pres Mark2The Club was delighted to welcome on Monday 05 November guest speaker Methodist College Deputy Head Girl Olivia Copeland. Olivia who, having been selected at Club level, was chosen as one of the 28 Rotary Ireland students to go to Strasbourg to discuss real issues and policies in the European Parliament last March.

In a clear and well-spoken address Olivia thanked the Club for the tremendous opportunity and noted that she had had her eyes opened at the range and diversity of Rotary projects. She gave a detailed account of the successful visit and advised that the group of 24 had spent a few ‘initiation’ days in Belfast and Dublin before leaving for the European Parliament. She particularly highlighted her pride at the gasp of wonder from the group on the bus as they turned into the gates of Stormont and drove up the hill at the vision of it glittering in the sunlight against a bright blue sky. She concluded that her experience had broadened her horizons and that she hoped to use her leadership, insight and languages to become involved in European business. Thanking her President Mark noted that her excellent presentation could be summed up using her own words “inspiring”, “memorable” and “passionate”.

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