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New Year's Message

RevDavid1Guest Speaker Rev. David Luckman in a well-received frequently witty address gave the New Year’s Message and reflected on his involvement with the charity Crosslinks - a missionary society whose main goal is to enable Churches and Christians to bring the good news of Jesus to the world.

Querying what is your wish for 2019 he pointed out that peace and ending poverty are Rotary Areas of Focus and, referring to the Club website, noted how impressed he was with Rotary’s desire and excellence at helping people.

He highlighted that Crosslinks is a small charity, faith based, helping people get involved in God’s mission since 1922. As well as locally, Crosslinks has workers in more than 35 countries worldwide. He also highlighted its Bursary Scheme which supports church leaders and ministry workers through theological, biblical and ministry training at bible colleges locally or abroad. In 18 years they have trained 300 men and women and he would love to see many more.

Audience1 07.09.19Noting that Rotary and Crosslinks have helping people do things for themselves in common he concluded that his wish was for God to continue to use Crosslinks and others and to inject resources into the Bursary Scheme. Pointing out that Easter is the Christian central celebration not Christmas and that Crosslinks believe every Christian has a part to play in God’s plan for the world he posed the questions – what are you wishing for and what are you and the Club going to do? He thanked the Club for the opportunity to talk and wished all a very happy new year.

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