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Technology19President Elect Karen, Past Presidents Gordon Millington and Brian Clements were delighted to help at the Rotary Technology Tournament at the Big Bang Fair Monday 24 June. Sentinus, whose mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, organised the Fair at Ulster University Jordanstown and Rotary held a Build a Bridge competition, arranged by Assistant District Governor Seamus Walsh based on a scheme developed by District 1040. The Fair was an enormous event with 4,000 school children taking part and 8 school teams of 4 students entered the bridge-building competition and were given materials (straws, paper, glue, pulleys, strong thread, paper fasteners etc) from which they had to build a two span bridge, one span lifting to let a tall ship up the river, the overall length of the bridge being about a metre. Each bridge was eventually tested by pulling a very heavy piece of metal across the bridge. 

Past President Gordon along with 2 people from Sentinus judged the entries (click on image for short video). They were impressed by the work these teams did and the winners were Grosvenor Grammar School and runners up Aquinas Grammar School.

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