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TABU Review 2019

PPDavidReportsOnTABUPresentandFuturePast President David Boyd gave a brief history and update on the TABU Club Exchange Project to the Club meeting Monday 29 July. He advised that, now in its 28th year, TABU was inaugurated in 1992 as part of a response to Education for Mutual Understanding. Initially it was a District wide project created by the Belfast Club with PP Gordon Millington but is now the only remaining programme. He highlighted that it is aimed at encouraging a better understanding amongst our youth and providing opportunities for students from different areas to learn about each other’s life and culture, the differences and similarities which exist and to question any preconceptions. A subsidiary objective of TABU is developing our leaders of tomorrow.

PP David advised that 30 Grammar schools in Greater Belfast area are invited to apply; the selection process being an application form with 5 personal questions accompanied by a personal statement addressing: why the application is being made, what personal benefits it is anticipated will be obtained from the programme and what benefits it is anticipated that participants will be able to confer on others. A shortlist to attend a presentation and interview is selected based on several criteria.

PP David reflected on this year’s incoming exchange with Highland Park/Highwood Club last April which PP David reported had again been a success with some new additions to the programme and, following reviews on both sides developments for future exchanges.

PP David reported on the very positive feedback the Club have received from students and parents both from here and Highland Park noting some had changed their career path having been on the TABU Programme, considered their experience had had a positive effect on their University admission and had gone on to forge prominent journalistic careers in particular Tori Watson and Sara Neill. He advised that it was hoped to undertake a survey of former participants re their current activity and relevance of TABU to them.

Concluding PP David noted that he would be looking for assistance for next year’s exchange stressing that there was not a specific Committee but a group of as many who would like to get involved at any level.

Thanking for the presentation President Elect Ken Nixon stated that the Club were looking forward to giving continued support.

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