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Three Lawyers Group 16.09.19The Club were delighted to welcome Monday 16 September guest speaker Suzanne Rice, President of the Law Society NI. She gave a most entertaining and enjoyable talk to the Club, with only 2 months left of her term as the 9th female President of the Law Society, on her year to date. Speaking about herself she revealed that her speciality is in family and children’s law and that she has been a “younger than usual President”.

The NI Law Society she noted actually had in the 1970s the 1st female President in the UK and still lead the field in the number of female Presidents. The Council (comprised of 30) used to meet every 2 years but are now going to meet every 3 to ensure a realistic timetable of what they want to do. The Council try to forecast legal challenges ahead and she was appointed to be a young face in a time of change. She noted that she had tried to broaden the scope of the Law Society and attract young people to the profession.

She declared her aim had been to remove the ‘silo mentality’ and engage and reach out to other communities. Travelling to conferences worldwide had been a highlight of her year and she had particularly found them illuminating and had changed her perceptions. In particular she had been particularly overwhelmed by the progressiveness in Zambia and Ghana. She hoped she would leave a legacy of change within the Law Society and have encouraged a new generation.

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