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YouthA Nov 1411 Club members took part in Youth Action's successful Get Set to Go Day held on Thursday 13 November and 5 participated Thursday 23 October in training interviews for 11 members of the Youth Action Youth Workers Apprentice Scheme. Youth Action NI are very grateful for the Club's involvement and extremely appreciative of the help given by Club members.

Youth Action NI's Work Placement Mentor, Amy Gillen, says: I would just like to say a big thank you! I really appreciated that you and the Rotary team were able to facilitate the extra Get Set to Go Day workshops and for the effective smooth running of this. You were all great with the young people and it was a pleasure as always and Clare Conlon Leader of Youth Action Training Team says: thank you all for your time, commitment and energy with the interviews. It was a busy and very productive day and I believe the apprentices benefited greatly from the experience. The positive approach and the feedback they received will definitely build their confidence and will encourage them to improve on their skills for future job applications.

A total of 44 training interviews were undertaken as each of the eleven youth worker apprentices experienced four different styles of interview – formal, less formal, one-to-one and by a telephone. These interviews took fifteen minutes including time for feed-back on how the interviewee had performed. The youth worker apprentices are aged 18-25 and are on an 18 month training programme to prepare them for application to youth worker courses the interviews being part of their essential skills building programme. The interviewers were all very impressed by the high standard and dedication of these young people.

The Club thanks all members who gave of their expertise, time and enthusiasm to provide a very valuable experience to these young people.


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