A Story of 'Home'

KunyumbaSix months ago Cyclone Idai hit southern Africa, washing away entire villages like Mwalija in Malawi. ShelterBox have provided emergency shelter for 2,000 families and they have begun rebuilding their lives by creating a space where their families can return to everyday life, coming together as a community to support each other physically and emotionally and by returning to work and making plans for the future.

After the Cyclone the village were housed in a collective camp but with tools and emergency shelter from ShelterBox the Mwalija community were able to move from focusing on immediate problems like where to sleep tonight, to the safety of higher ground and rebuild their homes. By working together, it took the community of Mwalija just three months to relocate the village and by returning to work and starting to farm again, the families could grow food, earn a living and, most importantly, take back control of their lives.

In the video Stephano and Mary, from the community of Mwalija tell their story of 'home'.