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QandATime15.01.18Thank you guest speaker Helen Harrison, Director JUNO Planning & Environmental Ltd, for your detailed and much appreciated presentation on the new Belfast Hub - one of the largest regeneration and investment projects in Northern Ireland - to the Club meeting Monday 15 January. Helen noted that this major project will have a major impact on the economic growth of the region being a £175m redevelopment of the existing rail and bus stations at Great Victoria Street and the subsequent redevelopment of the surrounding area.

She stressed that this is a transport-led regeneration; in the last 10 years there has been a 45% growth in regional bus services and 23% in rail and as 8m passengers use the current terminals per annum the current bus and rail stations have reached capacity and will struggle to meet future needs. The Belfast Hub she revealed will be the new gateway to Belfast creating a modern, progressive first impression for the City attracting and welcoming the increasing numbers of passengers and will be a fully integrated bus and rail area with the 4 train platforms increasing to 8 and the 18 bus stands increasing to 26. The new square will be the same size as the Custom House Square and that the main pedestrian route and entrance will be through Glengall Street which will be become pedestrianised. She reported that it was hoped that planning would be completed shortly and development commenced with the Hub opening 2020/21.

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