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SarahsPresentation16.04.18Speaker Sarah Markley reported to the Club, in a well received address, on her experience in NI. She reminded that she was studying for an MA in Violence Terrorism and Security at QUB as a Global Scholar and comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She thanked Rotary and the Club for the support and gave District 7280 pins to members.

Sarah Markley pinShe advised Pennsylvania has fairly similar weather (but more snow!) and that while studying for her Degree in History and French she had spent one Semester here 2 years ago. She revealed she had enjoyed it so much she had wanted to come back. She has a broad programme of studies and will be here until September when she will return to the USA.

She highlighted meeting the US Consulate General and attending the District Conference as well as being a delegate at the Living Freedom 3 day Conference in London in March, participating in the IMPACT Social Innovation Challenge partnering with the Turnaround Project and last weekend attending a Good Friday Agreement 20th Anniversary event. She stressed she was loving her time here getting out and about with lots of friends and really appreciates the community spirit and great camaraderie.

Thanking again for her time here and Rotary's input she advised she would be going back to Washington DC, probably to work in a Government Agency or a consultancy.

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