Joint Meeting with San Antonio Rotary Club

San Antonio screenshotSan Antonio meeting 1The Club was delighted to join, by zoom, in a joint meeting with the Rotary Club of San Antonio, Texas Monday 25 April extending fellowship and good will between the 2 Clubs.


Pres Brent Fessler 25.04.22San Antonio President Brent Fessler gave a brief rundown of the Club particularly noting:

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Pres Ken 25.04.22Club President Ken Nixon gave a short summary of the Club's history, highlighting programmes such as TABU and Harmony Community Trust as well as the many Global Scholars from the USA hosted by the Club as well as a brief note on the Ulster/Scots role in the USA which President Brent noted they would love to hear more of!

During the meeting members were able to converse in a couple of small groups and as this was part of several international ‘reach outs’ were able to hear about their fascinating social zoom with the Rotary Club in Warsaw when they heard about the massive work being done by that Club with the Ukrainian refugees.

It was a very enjoyable and interesting meeting where time flew and on closing with the toast “To the Rotarians of Belfast and San Antonio and to the Building of Good Will and Better Friendships", it was agreed to hold another.