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ShelterBox in Action 2021

Despite the many problems that coronavirus created ShelterBox managed to support over 140,000 people in 2021 distributing aid (tents, tarpaulins and essential household items) to people displaced by conflict, earthquake, hurricane and flooding in nine countries- Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, India, Nigeria, Sudan and Syria. They were committed to providing vulnerable families with a place to call home and working with their partners in Syria, Ethiopia and beyond managed to get the emergency shelter to people who needed it. 

SB India Flooding 03.21India
Most Indian states experienced torrential monsoon rains and severe flash flooding in 2020 from June until October. The disaster affected vulnerable families who were already in a tough situation, still recovering from the deadly effects of Super Cyclone Amphan in May and trying to protect themselves from the risk of coronavirus. In February ShelterBox, working with Habitat for Humanity India, supported communities in two districts of Odisha state distributing shelter kits including tarpaulins, rope and tool kits, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, water filters and buckets.

SB Sudan Flooding 03.21Sudan
Sudan has been affected by the worst flooding in decades, heavy rains which started at the end of July 2020 intensified during the following months forcing thousands to flee their homes. ShelterBox partnered with the United Peace Organisation to assist 1,000 households in the badly affected region of Gedaref providing tarpaulins and other essential household items like kitchen sets, sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito nets and water carriers.

Honduras Jan 21Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit South America in November 2020. The government of Honduras asked for international assistance, after 82,000 homes were damaged. Nearly 12,500 families stayed in their affected homes, while 174,000 people sheltered in official and unofficial collective centres. Many of these were seriously overcrowded, with poor services. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity Honduras and the Rotary Club of San Pedro Sula ShelterBox distributed shelter kits, tarpaulins and tools to enable them to fix their home as well as mosquito nets, kitchen sets, blankets, water carriers and water filters, solar lights and mats to 3,208 families in remote communities in La Mosquitia, which is only accessible by boat.

SB Honduras Eta 02.212021 was also the sad anniversary of 10 years of conflict in Syria. More than 12 million people have been forced from their homes (around 6.7 million people displaced within Syria and 6 million more who have fled to neighbouring countries and beyond). With the constant upheaval of shifting territories and frontlines, families have had to move again and again. In the winter of 2019-20, around 1 million people were displaced in just one month, as government-backed forces pushed to reclaim territory in Idlib, northwest Syria. Around 14% of Syrians don't have access to electricity. Since 2012 ShelterBox has supported 400,000 people from Syria delivering 20,000 tents and 175,000 blankets as well as over 58,000 solar lights to displaced Syrian families – that’s enough to give around 580 million hours of light, helping home routines like meals, play and schoolwork.

Together with their partner ReliefAid, they provided families in Idlib with tarpaulins and rope to reinforce their tents - helping people to keep distance from each other; mattresses, carpets, thermal blankets and kitchen sets - to help families to stay warm and prepare as well as soap and clothing sets. They also worked with Bahar Organization to support families in the north-east with tents as well as packed boxes.

SB Ethiopia 29.01.21Ethiopia
On 4 November 2020, escalating tension between Ethiopia’s federal government and the regional leadership in Tigray erupted into armed conflict and although formal military operations ceased when the Tigrayan capital of Mekelle was captured by government forces at the end of November millions of people remain at risk from food shortages, inadequate shelter and continued insecurity. Working with their partner IOM, ShelterBox supported people who’ve fled their homes within Tigray with emergency shelter, household essentials and hygiene items - tarpaulins, rope, blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, kitchen sets and water carriers.

SB Cameroon Conflict 01.04.21Cameroon
Since 2015 ShelterBox have provided shelter and essential aid to around 15,000 families in Cameroon who have been forced from their homes due to Boko Haram violence, climatic changes or economic pressures. They are currently following up on the 2020 relief working with their partner IEDA Relief to support even more refugees and internally displaced people in the country providing tents, shelter kits, rope and tarpaulins, and other essential household items.

SB Burkina Faso Conflict 22.03.21Burkina Faso
This year ShelterBox have worked again with their local partner HELP to support more families with tarpaulins, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, blankets, and other essential items, including soap and buckets. They are currently planning to support an additional 1,800 families with emergency shelter and household items which will be distributed during September and October.

SB Mozambique CycloneDineo 2017 93Mozambique

The conflict in northern Mozambique is driving one of the world’s fastest-growing displacement crises. An Islamic extremist group has been launching violent attacks on civilians in the northern province of Cabo Delgado since 2017. The continued violence has caused a lot of displacement and insecurity in the area and the number of people uprooted from their homes increased by nearly 650% in 2020. Over 700,000 people have been forced out of their homes in the region, and the shelter need is huge. ShelterBox are exploring what support they can help with and are looking to provide shelter kits, thermal blankets, solar lights, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, and mosquito nets.

SB Haiti Marcel CaseStudy 1021 02Haiti
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in August 2021 buildings were flattened and hospitals already under strain from the pandemic were overwhelmed. Tropical Storm Grace dumped more than a foot of rain over some of the worst affected areas just days later. ShelterBox sent a team to Haiti and supported supported families who had lost their homes with tarpaulins and fixings, thermal blankets, solar lights, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, and water carriers. These essential aid items supported communities to rebuild after this disaster.

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