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ShelterBox in Action - 2022

ShelterBox, in partnership with local agencies and help from local Rotarians, continue to provide emergency shelter and other essential items to the families who need it most across the world and monitor potential areas for their response.

SB Ukraine 0422 10Ukraine ShelterBox have been responding to the unprecedented and rapidly changing situation in Ukraine. They are working with partners to support people both in Ukraine and those who have fled the country to a neighbouring country like Moldova. In Lviv, over 3,400 mattresses have been distributed to collective centres and are also supporting people who shelter kits - tools and rope, high thermal blankets, hygiene kits, solar lights, buckets and water carriers - to help people survive in buildings damaged by the conflict and are unable or unwilling to leave their homes but need aid to make them habitable. So far, over 1,600 families have received support. They are also supporting refugees in neighbouring countries with high priority items they can carry with them, like hygiene items and cash

Philippines Distributions Jan 22Philippines
In 2021 Super Typhoon Rai caused widespread destruction and left half a million people displaced. Communities emergency shelter and other aid items like solar lights. Distributions were led by ShelterBox Operations Philippines with support from local Rotary contacts and reached over 100,000 people.

SB Mozambique 2022Mozambique
The conflict in northern Mozambique is driving one of the world’s fastest-growing displacement crises; since October 2017, an Islamic extremist group has been launching violent attacks on civilians in the northern province of Cabo Delgado which has caused a lot of displacement and insecurity in the area. The situation is chaotic with every day, more people arriving in neighbouring districts on foot, by boat, or bus, to escape the violence. With help from their local partner, ShelterBox have sheltered 4,000 families and assisted a further 1,691 with shelter kits, thermal blankets, solar lights, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, and mosquito nets. They are planning another project to support even more people.

SB Syria 2022In Syria the need for humanitarian support is greater than ever. The Syrian crisis which dates back to March 2011 has been ShelterBox’s largest and most sustained response in their history. At this tragic 10-year milestone, an estimated 12.3 million people have been displaced by the conflict. News of the conflict rarely makes headlines, but it rages on and as the fighting continues the millions of displaced Syrians face brutal winters, floods that wash away shelters, financial issues and the additional threat of coronavirus. ShelterBox have provided families in Idlib with tarpaulins and rope to reinforce their tents. Mattresses, carpets, thermal blankets, kitchen sets and soap and clothing sets have helped families to feel safe, stay warm and prepare meals. Syria faces extreme heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter and ShelterBox supported families during the tough winter months providing tarpaulins and rope, clothing and boots, essential household items, soap and washbasins and re-usable face masks.. In February, days of heavy rain caused widespread floods in the northwest of Syria, destroying thousands of tents and soaking families’ possessions and ShelterBox also provided support there. 

SB Yemen AidArrival 2022Yemen

Since 2020, violence has flared at an alarming rate in the Marib region in Yemen. From September to November 2021 alone, 55,000 people have been displaced. Many families are crowded into single shelters. ShelterBox are providing families who are newly displaced with a UN family tent, while families who are living in a damaged shelter will receive tarpaulin and rope to help them improve their homes.  All families also received water filters, blankets, sleeping mats, solar lights, mosquito nets, water carriers and kitchen sets as well as a washbasin, soap, and face masks, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

SB Cameroon Conflict 01.04.21Lake Chad Basin Since 2009, Boko Haram has been waging an insurgency in Northern Nigeria but the violence has spread to the neighbouring regions of Niger, Chad and Cameroon. Around 10.7 million people in the Lake Chad region are in need of relief assistance. 2.4 million people are estimated to have been displaced and perpetual insecurity continues to drive further displacement. In Nigeria, ShelterBox have supported over 6,000 families since 2018 and are currently working to support 1,000 families with a type of shelter known locally as the Bama shelter and 386 household item kits including sleeping mats, blankets, and kitchen sets. In Cameroon they have supported over 20,000 families since 2015. Having supported refugees and internally displaced people in the country in 2021 with tents, shelter kits, rope and tarpaulins, and other essential household items ShelterBox are currently working on a new project to support more families.

SB Ethiopia Conflict 2021 05Ethiopia In early November 2020, escalating tension between Ethiopia’s federal government and the regional leadership in Tigray erupted into armed conflict. Although military operations have ceased millions of people remain at risk from inadequate shelter and continued insecurity. In addition severe food shortages have left millions in an even more vulnerable situation. ShelterBox during 2021 have been supporting people who fled their homes within Tigray with emergency shelter, household essentials and hygiene items and are currently working on another project to help more people.

SB Burkina Faso Conflict 0321 09Burkina Faso Almost 1 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to extremist violence and the situation is not getting any better. Some of the families forced to flee are able to stay with relatives or friends, but many more are in crowded camps or buildings such as schools. The insecurity and instability make it difficult for aid workers to reach some of the people in need, and coronavirus is making the situation even worse. ShelterBox have supported over 4,000 families since 2020, providing tarpaulins, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, blankets, soap and buckets and are currently working on developing another project to support more families. They are currently constructing new emergency structures (known as Sahelian Tents) for 1,000 newly displaced families.

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