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In recent weeks the Club has been delighted to welcome very varied speakers to address Club meetings: Brian Archer, President, The Law Society of NI; Limavady Rotary Club Past President Peter Jack and Derick Wilson, Reader Emeritus in Education at Ulster University.

Brian Archer 16.10.23On October 16 Brian Archer gave a very comprehensive summary and overview of the state of the legal sector in NI, the difficulties facing smaller locally based firms and the current issues with Legal Aid work. He stressed however, the pursuance of Law is still an attractive career path for many graduates and for the 2nd year running they have increased the number of students at the Institute of Legal Studies and have 161 trainees this year - the largest intake ever. He concluded his well-received address by noting that the Society had just celebrated its 100th year and he was confident the profession will continue to prosper and grow over the next hundred.

Peter Jack 30.10.23Peter Jack on October 30 covered a wide variety of topics in his very interesting and well received address. He particularly highlighted that he had just recently finished the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage noting not only was it great fun to do as you meet really interesting people along the way, but it is a physical challenge and you really need to be "walk fit" to walk the 8 hours a day... and certainly do not wear new shoes! He revealed that he had learnt 2 lessons:
~ less is more - his backpack weighed only 5kg and 
~ happiness is achieved through gratitude - we should be grateful for everything and it's amazing how grateful you can be if you reduce life to its simplest.

He also highlighted some chapters in his new book “The Journey Continues” which contains his reminiscences on many events and experiences and noted that the proceeds are going to 2 charities Lifeline Radios and Moving Mountains.

Derick Wilson 13.11.23On 13 November Derick Wilson gave a very thought-provoking and inspiring address which was also very well received. He pointed out that we are all interdependent people but "what makes each one of us unique is what others in relationships with us have made us". He invited and urged everyone as Rotarians, parents, grandparents, friends to create hope and change by finding the people who are "in you" who give you freedom and possibilities and in this modern world with so much war and threats of violence and conflict and then passing on to our children and young people those moments in our lives when experiences of hope and possibility have crossed and diluted the lines of Derick Wilson 1 13.11.23conflict, rivalry and disappointment and give possibilities to move on.

Derick concluded by thanking for the support for the Seeds of Hope programme which is particularly aimed at young people, especially those with little opportunity in life. The Club’s commitment of support for the programme was confirmed by President Steven.

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