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Supporting ShelterBox

Bloomfield 24.1aBloomfields 24.3The Club joined forces with 3 other Rotary Clubs to raise money for the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox. Members from Belfast, Bangor, Belfast East and Donaghadee Clubs collected in Bloomfield Shopping Centre, Bangor over the weekend Friday 05 - Sunday 07 April.

The collection raised, despite the stormy weather, £1,740
thanks are extended to all who donated for their generosity.

Although this collection is less than last year's figure it is an excellent result as it sadly coincided with a very bad weather. 

On display in the Centre were items that the charity provides for people who are left homeless including a tent, tarpaulins, blankets, mosquito nets, water filters and solar lights as well as tools and other essential equipment and tools. Passers-by were given the opportunity to examine the items and hear about the work that the charity does.

Bloomfield 24.2The Club also thanks:

  • PP Adrian Kerr for all the organisation
  • the Club and family members who collected during the allocated slots
  • Kerr Fulton Peebles, ShelterBox Rotary Ireland ShelterBox Coordinator who provided the ShelterBox tent and marshalled those erecting and/or dismantling it!
  • members of the Rotary Clubs of Donaghadee, Bangor and Belfast East for filling their allocated slots
captions for photos above :
lhs   from left: Craig McClelland and John Williamson (Belfast Club), Orla McClelland (Belfast Inner Wheel Club), President Steven Costello (Belfast Club) and Kerr Fulton Peebles, Rotary Ireland ShelterBox Co-ordinator
rhs from left: Bill Aiken and President Patrick Cregg Bangor Club), Adrian Kerr (Belfast Club), Karen McNeill and Harris Cordner (Donaghadee) and Howard Davidson (Bangor).

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