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Rev David Kerr 08.03.21

The Club were delighted to welcome Rev. David Kerr to a joint zoom meeting with members of the Inner Wheel Club of Belfast Monday 08 March.

Noting he was delighted to attend the meeting Rev. David Kerr gave a most witty, lively and anecdotal address giving a detailed history of the "Good, bad and ugly Kings and Queens" of England. He particularly highlighted 5 monarchs - Henry III, Edward lll, George lll, Queen Elizabeth 1 and Queen Elizabeth II who all reigned for 50 years on the throne but the 2 women made it to 60 years and Queen Elizabeth II has just started her 70th year! He also pointed out that the Queen is the 4th longest reigning monarch in the world, the Duke of Edinburgh is the oldest gentleman to ever have been in the royal family, has his own rank in title to the throne, they have been married for 73 years and the Queen will be 95 on 21 April and the Duke 100 on 10 June.

President Ken and Inner Wheel President Paddy thanked him for his very well received amusing and entertaining address and expressed they hope to have him back to another joint meeting in person, to which he positively concurred.

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