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A Busy Year for Shelterbox

ShelterBox 20192019 has been another incredibly busy year for ShelterBox with the numbers of displaced people at the highest ever recorded. They provided shelter and life-saving items to over 29,000 families robbed of their homes by disaster and conflict across 9 countries, involving 11 different responses: 4 conflicts and 7 natural disasters - more here...

Each disaster is different, and so is every community so they spend time making sure they provide the right support at the right time. Their aid is stored in pre-positioned locations around the world so it can get to the families who need it as quickly as possible. This happens because of the ShelterBox Response Teams who are made up of nearly 200 dedicated people from around the world who give their time freely and fly wherever disaster may strike. The ‘last mile’ of logistics is the most challenging, and is usually undertaken by truck, but teams have also recruited the help of boats, helicopters, tuk-tuks and people on foot to ensure that the aid gets to where it is required. Full details here

ShelterBox 20202020 marks 20 years of ShelterBox and in that time, they have supported over 1.5 million people around the world with emergency shelter aid and other essential items and training to help recovery after disaster supporting communities in 97 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

ShelterBox started when the Rotary club of Helston Lizard, in Cornwall championed a simple idea to package up essential shelter items in their now-iconic ShelterBoxes, to help families after disasters. 20 years after it started, with global Rotary support, ShelterBox has developed into an independent, international disaster relief organisation, specialists in emergency shelter and they are extremely grateful for the global Rotary support they continue to receive.

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