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Toastmasters Group2 09.03.20Belfast Toastmasters Club Dr Lynsey Quinn, President and Martin McLean gave a most informative address to the Club Monday 2 March (pictured from left: Martin McLean, Club President Elect Ken Nixon, Rotary Ireland Assistant Governor Kevin O’Hara and Dr Lynsey Quinn). Dr Lynsey advised that they were hoping to “demystify” and explain what Toastmasters Clubs were about as well as getting to know and understand Rotary and develop a mutual understanding on how the two can work together in the future. Quoting American keynote speaker Stephen Covey’s fundamentals to human fulfilment is to “love, learn, live and leave a legacy” she stressed that Toastmasters aim to make people more effective communicators and leaders and highlighted that both organisations, albeit using different words, share mission statements and values.

Martin McLean revealed that he had joined 3 months ago as he liked talking to people and wanted to learn how to communicate. He pointed out that Toastmasters, who have many famous members, are a global non-profit education organisation established 96 years ago; have over 358,000 members across 143 countries in 16,800 clubs - 300 of which are in UK and Ireland; Northern Ireland has 7 Clubs and the Belfast Club, formed June 2010, is the largest with 30 members.

They pointed out that everything we do requires communication which needs to be clear and concise and both organisations have many things in common in particular both:

  • are long established and respected
  • offer members the chance to grow personal and business networks
  • recognise the importance of giving back to the community
  • want members to improve as individuals

They noted that Rotary’s strength was in giving back to the community whereas they try to improve members as individuals building self-confidence particularly addressing Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking).

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