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JCI Belfast Past and Future

meeting crop 20.02.23The Club were delighted to hear about developments past and future in Junior Chamber International (JCI), Belfast from current President David Stewart and Immediate Past President and Club member John Rea at the Club meeting Monday 20 February 2023. John Rea highlighted the recent history of the Chamber noting that he with 4 others relaunched BCI Belfast in 2016 rebuilding it with a strategy for membership growth and branding which has resulted in the thriving, energetic, forward thinking and growing UK Chamber of today. An excellent achievement as it is now one of the biggest UK Chambers with 25-30 members - on a par with London and they are now known as one of the flagship benchmark Chambers in the UK.

JCI Belfast President David Stewart reflected on the Chamber today and going forward. He noted that JCI is a global, not-for-profit organisation for 18 to 40 year olds whose mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change and that he hopes during 2023 to attract new corporate sponsors; increase brand awareness and membership in their target 18-40 demographic and continue their charitable work. He concluded by expressing the hope the relationship between JCI and the Club will continue and welcomed future collaboration.

Thanking both speakers for their excellent addresses IPP Ken noted that the relationship started in 2019 under Past President Karen Blair and looked forward to future co-operation also pointing out that their members can move on to join Rotary when they reach 40!

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