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V19A566320 Rotarians and partners attended the powerful Gala performance of Domino at YouthAction Headquarters Friday 07 April. 11 young people acted on stage with many more backstage and front of house and the momentous production, which left the audience extremely moved, received a standing ovation from the 60 strong audience. The Club were delighted to host this performance and reception and all proceeds have been passed on to YouthAction NI by President Ivan.


Domino4The front of house volunteers, resplendent in their red braces, charmingly steered the audience to their seats and then served the wine and canapés after the performance.

Domino3The disturbing, thought-provoking but above all highly entertaining play was followed by a short fun and interactive workshop to discuss the issues raised during the play which reflects on the range of issues and struggles young people face today and the often tragic effect on them of social media and peer pressure. It also highlights the need to be decent to others - no one knows what battle the person beside us is fighting and stresses that when life gets too much you need to talk about it; bottling everything up helps no one – "there is always someone to help".


Domino was crafted by the young people themselves, it reflects what they have discussed and really speaks from the heart about what young people are going through and aims to help with suicide prevention. YouthAction's Rainbow Factory School of Performing Arts offers weekly dance, drama and music classes to over 500 young people and DOMINO is the latest issue-based theatre piece by the Youth Theatre Group which has been taken on the road across NI receiving fantastic feedback from young people and community workers. 

The short video gives excerpts from a performance of the play in Londonderry and contains comments on the play from Mark Durkan MP noting its a well put together play to put across fluidity of pressures and fragility of mental health in youth, short but packed with issues and impact.

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