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Splendid Club BBQ at President Rosemary's

01.IMG 072724.IMG 070821.IMG 0705Over 40 members, family and friends spent a splendid afternoon Sunday 03 June in glorious sunshine at the Club BBQ at President Rosemary’s house with its amazing vistas of rolling countryside and the Belfast hills. Welcoming all President Rosemary thanked everyone for coming, PP Brian & Rosie Clements, Doris Houston and David & Jenny Boyd.

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All were treated to succulent gammon marinated, garnished and barbecued by 'master-BBQ-chef' Past President Brian Clements together with baby potatoes, peas, salads and his special sauce to say nothing of the delicious BBQ'd bananas with mini marshmallows, chocolate flakes, Calvados sauce and ice cream with mixed fresh berries. He was aided and abetted by Rosie and David & Jenny Boyd.

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Doris Houston seamlessly managed to get all drivers from the neighbour’s driveway and back again and this excellent afternoon was greatly enjoyed by all - our thanks are extended to President Rosemary for opening up her house to us.


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