Rotary Club of Belfast

Council and Committees

Club Executive
President     Ken Nixon
President Elect      Steven Costello
Vice President      
Imm. Past President     Karen Blair
Honorary Secretary     Lorna Magill
Honorary Treasurer     Tim Browne
Hon. Asst. Treasurer     John Williamson
Elected Council Members 
Derek Baxter     David Boyd
Brian Clements       Steven Costello
Doris Houston     Ronnie McLean
Rosemary Simpson
Club Committees
Membership Chair     Alan Rundle
Attendance     Billy McCoubrey
Classification     Lorna Magill
Fellowship     Doris Houston
Mentoring     Brian Clements
Pastoral Care     Rosemary Simpson
Reception     John McCleery
Inner Wheel     Craig McClelland
Interact/Rotaract     Alan Rundle
Service Projects
Community/Vocational Chair   Mark Davidson
International Chair     Adrian Kerr
Youth Chair     Eric Rainey
Youth Leadership     Steven Costello 
TABU     David Boyd
Club Public Relations and Communications 
PR & Communications Chair     David Boyd
Archivist     Gordon Millington
Club Photographer     Billy McCoubrey
Editor     David Boyd
The Rotary Foundation 
Foundation Chair     Ivan McMinn
Global Exchange     Bryan Johnston
Club Administration
Executive Secretary     David Boyd
Protection Officer     Walter Rader
Health & Safety Officer     Denis Wilson
Directory     David Boyd
Speakers     Ken Nixon
Sports     Tim Browne

Join Us

Membership of the Club is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience and we are actively looking for new people to invite to join and breathe new vibrancy and ideas into the Club and take Rotary into its second century in Belfast.

If you think Rotary may be for you, or for further information, please contact us.

Getting involved with Rotary could be the most important thing you ever do.

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