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Club Awards

The Club proudly recognises members of the local community and of the Club with various Fellowships, Awards and Cups.

  • PHF pins HThe Paul Harris Fellowship is Rotary's highest honour for individual Rotarians - a Recognition Award by The Rotary Foundation bearing the name of Rotary's founder. This prestigious award is given by the Club in recognition of an outstanding commitment to the Club or the community. The Club also awards Fellowships to non members who have given exceptional service to the Community.

    Details can be seen here...
  • JohnASavageJPMemorialTrophyThe John A Savage Memorial Trophy is awarded by the Club annually to the individual or group selected as giving great service to the Community - more here......
  • AwardThe Harry Corscadden Award for Outstanding Service to the Club is an award inaugurated in 2011 for outstanding service named after an outstanding member Harry Corscadden - more here...
  • Ambulance CupThe Ambulance Cup has, since 1917 (apart from the 1994 and 95 years) awarded to the winning Belfast Troop in the Boy Scout Association. It has, however, not been awarded since 2009.
  • Centenary AwardCentenary President Adrian Kerr presented a unique, special Centenary Presidential Award at the end of the Centenary Year - more here...

Club Recognition 

The Club is also very proud to have itself received various awards and acclamations for its service and fundraising at District, National and International level.

The Club is honoured to have received these awards on behalf of all the members who made them possible.

Recent awards are detailed below. 

  • The Edward Leighton Memorial Cup for Youth Exchange


    For TABU as being the most outstanding District Youth Project.

    It was awarded at the 2016 District Conference and presented to TABU Convener Past President David Boyd by Assistant Governor Roy Bailie at the Club Assembly 03 October 2016.

    The Foundation Roule Salver


    which was presented to District 1160 in 1992 by the Rotary Club of Ballymoney, was also awarded at the 2016 District Conference for the Club's work with Ambassadorial students and was presented to Past Presidents Bryan Johnston & Derek Baxter by Assistant Governor Roland Bailie at the Club Assembly.

    Club Long Service Recognised

    19 members have been awarded Rotary International Long Service Certificates – which start at 25 years! The Certificates are signed by RI President John Germ and reflect Rotary's appreciation for demonstrated commitment to the ideal of Service Above Self and dedication to the object of Rotary. They were presented to the members concerned at Club meetings; picture shows John McCleery receiving his 50 years Certificate from Rotary Ireland Assistant Governor Roland Bailie at the Club Assembly 03 October.

    Full list can be seen here.
  • Rotary Foundation Certificate of Appreciation

    PresRonniePassesCertToPPDerekin appreciation for the Club's support of the 'End Polio Now' campaign – one of only 8 presented in District.

    The citation reads: 
    is presented a certificate of appreciation for its financial support of End Polio Now: Make History Today Campaign. Together, we will fulfil our promise to the children of the world and eradicate polio.

    Receiving the Certificate PP Derek Baxter expressed the hope that by 2018 Polio would be the second disease to be removed from mankind. He pointed out that the Club have been extremely generous in their support of the campaign over the years and that in 2015 $5,180 had been donated. He also noted that since 1985 $1 Billion has been donated by Rotary International.

    District Foundation Award

    Foundation2015for continually mentoring and supervising Youth Exchanges.

    Receiving the Award PP Bryan, is is formally mentioned in the citation, thanked Past Presidents Derek Baxter, Courtenay Thompson and Brian Ferguson for their help and support. He pointed out that this would be the first time for many years that the Club had no scholar studying at Queens University and that he had been advised that no other Club mentored as well as the Belfast Club.

    District Gay Berkery Award

    Communications2015for best District Communications; the citation particularly highlighting the Club website and email Weekly Report.

    Receiving the shield Hon. Member Jenny Boyd pointed out that this was the Club's Award and reflected all the activities undertaken by members which gave her something to write about. She particularly thanked Club Photographers Billy McCoubrey and Brian Byers as photographs make the story, PP Courtenay Thompson for having the insight and drive to reactivate the website, David Boyd for keeping her right and Alan Boyd who created and designed the website and Weekly Report.

  • Edward Lieghton Memorial Trophy for Youth Exchange

    The Club received this Trophy for its flagship TABU Exchange Programme with the Rotary Club of Highland Park/Highwood. It was presented to President Ronnie McLean at the District Conference in Belfast, September 2014. 

  • District Cecil D Whaley Memorial Trophy

    TheCecilPWhaleyMemorialTrophyfor the District Outstanding Community Project – the Club's refurbishment of a trailer for FASA (see here)

    ChrisPresKenRobertaAndCupFromDistrictPresident Ken received the Trophy from Past District Governor Jack Cunningham at the District Conference and in a quirk of providence was able to show it to the Club on the day when the Club speakers were FASA's Chris Deconick and Roberta Coates (shown above).

    The Trophy was presented to District in 1976 by the Rotary Club of Enniskillen when C.G.C. Whaley was President - Cecil D Whaley was a founder member and their first President 1955/6.
  • District Mutual Understanding Award 2011/12


    In recognition of the Club's Centenary Programme

    100 Years Certificate


    A Certificate from RI signed by President Sajuki Tanaka, with personal letter (see here) honouring 100 years of Membership of Rotary International on the 100th anniversary of the Club's Charter 1 May 2013. 
  • District Chris Croft Trophy

    For having made the largest club contribution in RIBI to Rotary International's $200 End Polio Now Challenge with funds donated of $41,855.53

    District Foundation Certificate

    In recognition of exceeding District's club target with a contribution in excess of $6,000

    Certificate of Appreciation from Help for Heroes

    help for heroes cert

    A Certificate of Appreciation from Help for Heroes, signed by the founders Bryn and Emma Parry, awarded for outstanding fundraising support in recognition of the Club's contribution of £1,964 collected during the 'Thank you for Life' Campaign December 2010.
  • Rotary International Foundation Certificate 2009/10

    Foundation Cert 2011 12

    A Certificate of appreciation by The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International for the Club's support of Rotary's $200 Million Challenge having contributed $40,000 - the largest club contribution in RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland)

    District Howard Caskie Foundation Award 2009/10

    Highest club per capita contribution to The Rotary Foundation with the equivalent of £283 per member
  • Chris Croft 2009 10District Chris Croft Trophy 2008/9 for Best Foundation Service Effort

    60000 chequeThe Club's fundraising efforts for Polio resulted in a cheque for $60,000 (including the Gates Foundation Matching Funds) being handed over in 2009 to RIBI (Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland). 

    Picture shows the handing over of the cheque with from left: Past President (PP) Gordon Millington, President Courtenay Thompson, RIBI President Ian Thompson, PP Marnette Lyons and PP Bryan Johnston.

    ShelterBox Bronze Award

    for the level of continued support for ShelterBox (see here)

  • 2009 CitationsRotary International Presidential Citation

    for the Club's outstanding contribution to reduce child mortality and make dreams real for the world's children

    District Certificate

    for the Club's support of Rotaract District 1160

    Rotoract Award09RI Presidential Citation to Belfast Rotaract Club

    for the Rotaract Club's outstanding efforts to make dreams real for the world's children presented to Belfast Rotaract Club President Laura Garland by Past District Governor Paul Hutchinson at the Club Handover 2009 held in Parliament Buildings
  • The Club's flagship TABU Programme has won many awards over the years.

    • 1994/5- the Club were awarded the Rotary International Significant Achievement Award for outstanding service in promoting World Understanding and Peace in the local community
    • 2003 - the Club were presented with the District Mutual Understanding Award for having organised the best mutual understanding event between clubs with the TABU programme
    • 2004 - the Mayor of Highland Park, Michael D Belsky, honoured the TABU Programme by declaring April 12-16 as 'TABU Week'
    • TABU Award 092008 - the Club were again presented with the District Mutual Understanding Award and during the 2009 TABU exchange Past President (PP) David Boyd handed over the 2008 District Mutual Understanding Award to Chicago Team Leader PP Chris Sheahan to display in Chicago for the year.
    • 2012 - received the Key to the City of Highland Park and a Proclamation from the Highland Park Lord Mayor Nancy Rotering declaring it to be 'TABU Week'
    • 2014 - Highland Park Lord Mayor Nancy Rotering again declared it to be 'TABU Week' during the 2014 exchange
    • 2014 - the Club were awarded the District Edward Lieghton Memorial Trophy 2013/14 for Youth Exchange for its flagship TABU Exchange Programme with the Rotary Club of Highland Park/Highwood
    • DistrictCupForTABU162016 - the Club were again awarded the District Edward Lieghton Memorial Trophy 2015/16 for Youth Exchange for its flagship TABU Exchange Programme with the Rotary Club of Highland Park/Highwood

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