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Paul Harris Fellowships

PHF pins HThe Paul Harris Fellowship is Rotary's highest honour for individual Rotarians - a Recognition Award by The Rotary Foundation bearing the name of Rotary's founder. This prestigious award is bestowed by the Club in recognition of an outstanding commitment to the Club or the community. The Club also awards Fellowships to non members who have given exceptional service to the Community. The original bronze PHF pins have been replaced by larger gold pins.

Fellowships awarded to Club Members
Hon. Member
1980        Tom McConnell     1943 1982
1990   Gordon Millington   Presented by District for Polio Plus 1968  
        Sapphire Award also presented 2011    
        Ruby Award presented 2017    
    Harry Corscadden   Sapphire Award also presented 2007 1998 1959
1992   Tom Crocker     1956  
    David Dorman     1935 1993
    Willie MacNab     1959  
    Fred Rogan     1952  
    Cecil Rundle     1942 2000
1994   Brian Clements       Sapphire Award presented 2015  1990  
    Hugh Fergusson     1989  
1997   Bob Johnson     1945  
    Bryan Johnston   Sapphire Award also presented 2011 1977  
    Stanley Rainey     1957 2005
1998   Brian Byers   Sapphire Award also presented by Highland Park Rotary Club 2009 1979  
    Roy MacDougall     1974  
2002   Dick Thornton     1991  
    Alan White    Ruby Award also presented 2018 1958  
2003   David Boyd   Sapphire Award also presented by Highland Park Rotary Club 2009   1981  
        Ruby Award also presented 2012    
    Hilary Gault     1992  
2005   Bill Donaldson     1960 2006
    John McCleery     1966  
2006   David Brernnan     1969  
    Barrie Houston     1996  
    Adrian Kerr        
2007   Marnette Lyons   Sapphire Award also presented 2009 1995  
        Ruby Award also presented 2012    
2008   Albert Baird     1975  
    Trevor Hinds     1988  
2009   Brian Ferguson     1989  
2010   Derek Baxter     1988  
    Billy McCoubrey     1993  
2011   Maurice Brooks     2002  
    Edwin Coppel     1988  
    Eileen Kennedy     1997  
    John Williamson     1980  
2012   Alistair Corscadden     1996  
    Trevor Dickey     1996  
    John Lowry     1988  
    Campbell Morton     1981  
    Craig McClelland     1974  
    Victor McKirgan     1983  
2013   Arthur Boyd     2005  
    Courtenay Thompson     1977  
2014   Dame Mary Peters DBE    Sapphire Award 2011 2011
    Mark Davidson     1999  
    Eric Rainey     2000  
 2015   Alan Rundle     1984  
    Fred Sweeney     1975  
 2017   Joe Hyland      2010  
    CT Hogg      1973  
    Robert Skelly      1987  
    San Wong      2014  
2018   Alan White     1958  
    Teddy Elliott     1988  
    Ronnie McLean     2008  
    Ivan McMinn   2 Sapphire Award presented by 6 Rotary Clubs 2019 2009  
Fellowships awarded to Non Members who have given exceptional service to the Community
1997        Frank Carson        Polio Plus
1990   Helen Honeyman   Harmony Community Trust 
    Pat Smyrl    Boys' Camp
1997    Denise O'Neill   Boys' Camp 
2005   HRH The Princess Royal   A Sapphire Award - in Rotary Centenary Year
2014   June Trimble MBE   Youth Action
    Councillor Mairtin O'Muilleoir   Former Lord Mayor of Belfast - Community Service
    Baroness May Blood MBE   Community Service
 2015   Maurice Kinkead    East Belfast Partnership - Community Service
    David Boyd    City Beat - Community Service
2017   Rev. Dr. Harold Good   Conflict Resolution

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